How to measure for and apply Dr. Brown’s Nipple Shield

Measuring your nipple shield

To measure your nipple size, simply use a ruler or measuring tape and measure the distance in centimeters, straight across the middle of your nipple at the base. Be careful NOT to include your areola. Add 4 mm to your measurement and that’s your final nipple size. Make sure to discuss sizing and shield needs with your lactation consultant before measuring.

How to apply Dr. Brown’s Nipple Shield

Step 1: With clean hands, hold the nipple shield in both hands. The shiny side should be facing your skin and the matte side facing out. Step 2: Position the cut out where baby's nose will be Step 3: Gently stretch the shield over your breast, ensuring your nipple fully fits Step 4: If needed, a small amount of nipple cream may be first applied to your skin to help with shield adhesion. Do not apply to your nipple.Step 5: Smooth sides down for full adhesion

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